About us

Company motto

"We base ourselves on facts
and use our common sense.

Your money, is your money"

Over 22 years of experience:

TargetMedia B.V. acts under the name DigiWallet*, and has been a reliable Payment Service Provider for over 22 years. During this period, we successfully completed over 250 million payment transactions for our costumers.


DigiWallet has a license from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) for providing payment methods. Also, DigiWallet is certified by Currence for providing iDEAL transactions. 

It's your money:

Choosing the right partner for fulfilling your payments is a very important choice. A good looking website, good story and the cheapest tariffs sound good, but it all comes to one thing: you want to receive payments and be sure of your money. With a service track-record of over 22 years, we proved to a large amount of parties to be the best choice.

Our company policy:

Beside the laws that we are required to follow as a certified Payment Service Provider, we follow a policy that goes further than only the laws. Some important security rules/ guarantees:

DigiWallet will never use your money to invest, loan etcetera (according to the law, this is legal under the terms of service) Your money is your money, the banking crisis showed that such activities are full of risks. We just don't.

DigiWallet will never use your money to payout other customers faster. It is common at other PSP's to attract more customers by using this method for fast payouts. Your money, is your money. Such acts are serious risks. Just one mistake can be fatal. We just don't.

Third-party funds account

All funds that we receive in your name, are processed via a Third-party funds bank account and managed through a separate Foundation. This method of working is, for example, also employed by a Notary while processing the sale of a house. The Foundation pays out your funds to you, and our compensations to us. Just like the Notary pays the funds to the mortgage provider and the remaining funds to the service providers and yourself.

Your money, is your money. We provide the services you need for your business management.

* Previously, we offered all of our payment services under the name TargetPay.com. In mid-2018 we launched a new brand name: DigiWallet.