What does our Compliance department do?

Compliance, in short, means: Doing things by the book, both for industry watchdogs as well as our own organization. That's why our Compliance department concerns itself with, among others, the WWFT and related rulings. Such rules and laws are intended to protect the parties involved against undesirable practices.
An important part of compliance is the identification of the people involved from the perspective of the involved organization and the outlets used. For this reason, you are asked to provide your CoC information, proof of your bank account and identity.

As stated, it involves regulations and legal requirements and in such is not `As DigiWallet is` but applies to every provider of payment services, including banks.

Beside the fact that some information is required at time of registration of your organization, this is a process that will periodically be (partially) repeated. This could lead to a situation where you are asked to provide some information again or to provide something new.

Such requests are not done because your organization is suddenly "suspect", but are done mostly at random. Changes in your Chamber of Commerce registration for example can lead to such requests.

Would you like to know more about compliance or in case you have received a request that you would like to know more about, please don't hesitate to contact our compliance department. You can do this through chat, email, phone or by visiting our office.