Our People

Meet our people

Years ago, it was unthinkable that parties did business together without meeting each other in person. The rise of the internet has led to meeting each other in person less. Too bad, isn't it?

We invite you to come by our office to drink a cup of coffee and meet personally, just like the old days.

If you want to drop by, please contact us via +31 (0)88 444 5400

Paul van Rooij – CEO

’22 years ago I created TargetMedia and entered the digital arena. Reading back the previous sentence makes me realize that I have now become a Veteran. Luckily, I also realize I still have at least 22 years to go in my career. The coming years will change the payment industry on a fundamental level. I greatly look forward to being a part of that. That is why I whole-heartedly invite (potential) customers to contact me directly.’

Michèle Riege – Senior Sales Office representative

‘For over the past 15 years, I have daily contact with our customers through mail and telephone. From experience I know that some customers greatly appreciate visiting us at our local office, often "just" to meet in person but also because people simply like to experience that behind the phone and computer screens are real people. So if I can help you with anything, be sure to contact me directly.’