Checklist required information Naamloze Vennootschap (N.V.):

To help you go through the short organization acceptance process quickly and fluently, we have made a checklist for you.

1 Enter organization information into your account

All Company & Bank information provided?

Ensure all of your Company information and Bank information is correctly and completely entered into your account.

Are all websites that you wish to use for payment services provided?

Every website you wish to use for payment services must be entered into your account.

Have you provided a Corporate bank account?

It is a legal requirement that you posess a corporate bank account number.
2 Collect the required documents as specified below

Excerpt Chamber of Commerce

These cannot be older than 3 months and must contain all pages.

Valid identification maten, directors and/or commissionaries

Geldig identiteitsbewijs van de bestuurders en/of commissarissen.

Copy bank statement or banking environment

A recent copy of your bank statement (maximum 1 month old) or a recent copy/print screen of the internet banking environment (maximum 1 week old, the login data, bank account number and company name must be visible). You can also verify your bank account through an online payment of 1 cent.

UBO declaration & Structure scheme

The UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner – the final stakeholder) declaration gives insight into the natural person or people that have a share of 25% or more of the capital or voting rights in the organization. The structure scheme must show a complete and clear overview of this.
Optional: Collect the documents required below

Excerpt Chamber of Commerce from related organizations

  • If applicable, we recognize a related organization in case:
  • 1 or more of your leadership is an organization (for example, a Management B.V.)
  • 1 or more of your shareholders is an organization (for example, a Holding that has shares in your organization)
  • The excerpts cannot be older than 3 months, and must contain all pages.

Valid identification of the UBO's

If applicable: Valid identification of every UBO.
3 Uploading documents
The required documents can be uploaded through your organization dashboard. The allowed format of the files is PDF/GIF/JPG and PNG, and they cannot be larger than 20MB. Tip: make a clear picture with your mobile phone in case you only have hardcopy of the document and you do not own a scanner.
4 Starting the Organization Approval process
As soon as all the information for your account has been entered and all required documents are uploaded, click the approval button in your account dashboard. We will process your information within 1 working day. In case you have questions in the mean time, you are of course welcome to contact us directly.
5 Compliance organization process
Zodra u verzocht heeft om het keuringsproces te starten gaat onze afdeling Compliance uw account behandelen. Dit proces vergt maximaal 1 werkdag. Hoe dit proces gaat kunt u hier lezen.