With DigiWallet we want to make it easy for you to add payment methods to your own site and maintain your sales. For legal purposes DigiWallet has a license from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) for providing payment methods. DigiWallet is also certified by Currence for providing iDEAL transactions.

View the screens below to get an impression of our extensive functionalities.

Personal profile

A personal DigiWallet account can be setup and active in one minute. We make a distinction between an organization account and your personal account.

It is possible to add multiple organizations to your personal account.

Add an organization in a few steps

In order to use our payment services, you need to provide certain information. Which information depends on your organization business form. We will support you on providing the correct data step by step.

Organization dashboard

The organization dashboard provides you a single overview of important data such as statistics, activities from users in your organization, notifications and more.

You can also manage your data directly from the organization dashboard and browse to the other applications.

Detailed statistics

In our back office you have access to very detailed statistics for all your payment methods.

Standard package with payment methods

DigiWallet supports a variety of payment methods. With your account standard you can use a number of these payment methods.

Optionally, additional payment methods can be requested.

User management

You can invite several people to participate in your DigiWallet organization. This can be useful for an accountant or a developer for example.

Extensive developers info

In addition to the organization's unique API token we also have extensive documentation that helps developers find their way.

Useful tools

Besides payment API's, we also offer a range of products to help streamline your business.