Pay / checkout plugin

This plugin makes it possible to accept payments through DigiWallet in Joom Donation 3.2 (or higher). You only need to install this plugin to accept all payment methods of DigiWallet in your store.

What do you need before you can install the Joom Donation 3.2 plugin?

Receive donations easily and quickly with DigiWallet & Joom Donation

Make donating easy using the Joom Donation extension from DigiWallet. Add the best known payment methods and receive more donations. Installation is easy and you create the account for free. View all payment methods below.

More about the Joom Donation extension from DigiWallet

If you use DigiWallet there are various options for your visitors to donate. It all starts with installing the Joom Donation extension. With minimal settings you add the best known payment methods.

Do you want to receive more donations? It starts with choosing the right payment methods

The Joom Donation extension of DigiWallet supports the above payment methods. Carefully consider which payment method(s) your target group is using. Add at least these payment method(s). Below is a brief explanation of the best-known payment methods.

iDEAL for Joom Donation

Let your visitors donate with iDEAL. Especially in the Netherlands this is by far the most popular payment method.

SOFORT for Joom Donation

SOFORT is a good addition for the more European-oriented websites. This is mainly used in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

Credit Card and other payment methods

Although mainly international transactions are settled with a Credit Card, there are also plenty of Dutch people who prefer this method of payment. Think especially of business donations. Besides Credit Card payments, the plugin offers multiple payment methods. This gives you flexibility and the ability to serve your customers well.

Quick start with DigiWallet

The WooCommerce plugin is easy to install. Is it not working out? No problem, DigiWallet offers clear documentation and installation assistance. Create a free account today.